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Lawn Maintenance

Our Lawn Maintenance Division operated by Matthew Pennington, manages some of the largest properties in North East Florida. Over the last several years we have developed a team with some of the industries best leaders and our attention to detail is second to none. Our foreman and team leaders are educated and trained to have a keen eye for intricate details, which allows them to be proactive about any maintenance issues on every project. Maintaining a lawn goes beyond cutting grass! Which is why our lawn maintenance team is also well versed  in irrigation and chemical treatments that may be necessary to bring in our spray and irrigation technicians. 


Above and Beyond Lawn Maintenance...

Lawn Maintenance is only one of the services we provide. A cut lawn, without the proper attention to details will get you just that...a cut lawn. But here at GreenPoint we strive for the best of the best. We provide everything you need to have the BEST outdoor living experience! 

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Operated by Phillip Mahn and Cathleen Kabat, our landscaping division is set up and designed to handle any job across a broad spectrum. Anywhere from the largest commercial landscaping to the small residential yards. We work with some of the best commercial and residential architects around! We also have the privilege of doing some of our own in house designs as well! We pride ourselves in our ability to manage a job and complete it in a timely manner that leaves our customers extremely satisfied. The products we use play a huge role in the finished products. GreenPoint only uses the industries best materials available. We have worked long and hard to acquire relationships with Florida's best green growers. Because of how much we care about your lawns, we make sure we are 100% invested, which is why we own our own sod trucks. This allows us to personally purchase the best sod straight from the farm, pick it up and deliver it to you!!


Our irrigation division is operated by Brandon Sweeting. This division has grown to be one of the best tuned aspects of our business. So good, that we actually do irrigation installs for some of our own competitors! The irrigation division consists of 3 install crews and 2 punch out crews. Our install crew is committed to their work and our customers. Their quick and efficient installs allows them to achieve as many as 9 new installs per day! Our foremen are well trained in Duval and surrounding counties, with knowledge of both potable and non-potable irrigation requirements. We can't forget to mention our ability to work with pond pumps as well as wells! 

Our 2 punch out crews offer exceptional service for all warranty work, maintenance IMC's and punch out every house and project once the landscapers are complete. Due to the irrigation division success, our North Florida Irrigation Vendor has inventoried our own shop. Many man hours are saved by our crews being able to utilize products and tools needed right from our own shop. In turn, this provides better service and savings to our customers. 

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Operated by Jenifer Bonomo and Cohen Lairsey, this division's artistic ability is the icing on the cake. Outdoor living can be anything that you imagine it to be! From paver patios, to privacy fencing to firepits and summer kitchens! What you can imagine, we will work with you to make it a reality! We also can design your pool decks! Working with the 2 largest paver providers in Florida, Tremon and Old Castle the options are limitless! 

In order to provide our customers the best service in this ever growing trends of outdoor living, we have one full time in house crew, but have also partnered with some of the best subcontractors in this industry. Our relationships with these subcontractors are important in every divisions success. We maintain relationships with all of them in order to best serve our customers.